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I am very excited to finally be able to share with you a project that we’ve been working on over the past several weeks.

Drum roll please… We’d like to introduce to you our new Essential Oil of The Month Series.

This idea came about as a result of you (our faithful followers), and your many questions, requests, and interest on which Top Essential Oils we considered were the most important to have on hand, including the easiest way for you to incorporate them into your busy lives.

After giving this careful consideration we decided the best way to begin our series was to break it down into the four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Each new season brings with it their own wonderful scents, sights, and feelings, but these changes have also been known to bring on allergies, rashes, bugs, dry skin, and so much more.

Therefore the need for the best essential oils can change with each new season, as well as month to month.

We’ll start by introducing the Essential Oil of The Month and once a week show you ways on how to incorporate your essential oil(s) along with their recipes.

We’ve chosen this particular oil as our first Essential Oil of The Month because we found it to be one of the most effective, grounding, and easy to use when creating blends for this season.

So what’s the first Essential Oil of The Month?

I’ll give you a hint…For many of you this could possibly be one of the most recognizable essential oils you may already relate to with the season of Autumn.

Second hint…It’s not cinnamon. Think more breathe easier

Can you guess which one it might be? Stay tuned!

Until Next Time…

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