Eucalyptus Is Not Just For Koalas

photo via social news daily

What comes to your mind when you inhale the fresh scent of eucalyptus?  

Do you imagine yourself breathing easier? Staying more alert? Or perhaps soaking in a warm relaxing bath to help relieve your tired achy muscles.

What about certain cleaning products, or an insect repellent?

The options you have for using eucalyptus in your everyday life are plentiful, and your decision on which variety to use will depend upon your specific need or intention at that time.

I don’t know about you, but for me, if I am presented with too many options it becomes confusing or frustrating, and I begin to feel slightly uneasy about making the wrong choice.

If you haven’t read my previous post, Autumn’s First Essential Oil Of The Month: Eucalyptus, go ahead and check it out now. Hopefully it will help inspire you to choose more confidently which Eucalyptus oil is best suited for your need. 

I am excited for the upcoming week when we begin sharing some wonderfully uplifting, relaxing, and healing recipes with eucalyptus essential oil for your personal inhalers, and therapeutic steam inhalation. 

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