New Year Resolution For Your Health

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! For the health sake of all of our family and friends I thought I would kick off my first post of the year with a question.

What Is Your New Year Type? 

Are you an absolute YES, count me in when it comes to making a New Year Resolution?  Or a definite NO WAY to New Year Resolutions for you.

Personally I don’t like to lock myself into a declaration for the entire year. Disappointment almost always follows, even with the best of intentions.


Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE new beginnings.

I love each and every new day.

And I love the beginning of a new week, and the beginning of a new month.

So the idea of a clean slate for the New Year makes me giddy with so many possibilities and new opportunities that lie ahead.

I feel inspired with the thought that I have the good fortune to restart NEW each and everyday.

If I happen not to make it through the day accomplishing my intention, then tomorrow is another day to begin again.

This is also one of my favorite times to Recommit To My Commitments, which include my usual: Clearing out the clutter in my home and always more organization.

During My Research Health Became My Main Focus

With the start of this new year I made a decision.

I have decided for the health of my family and friends to add an all new intention to my ever evolving list and Remove All Toxic Products from our home.

I discovered the domino effect this will have on everything from my cleaning products, soaps, hair, skincare and so much more.

Realizing how time consuming this can be I decided to incorporate (once or twice a month)  a new “clean” recipe to replace its toxic counterpart.

I’m happy to say that I’ve found our first tried and true recipe with Aromahead Institute’s Sparkly Cleaning Scrub for all your kitchen and bathroom cleaning needs.

It’s a gentle abrasive blend using simple ingredients you may already have in your cupboard and pure essential oils of Lemon, Tea Tree, and Peppermint.

As with any cleaning product, always remember to do your own research to make sure your household surfaces can stand up to the cleanser.

Making Your Own Healthy All Natural Cleaning Products Are 

Easier than you think. Changing out your products infused with chemicals and replacing them with ingredients you can trust is the first step in helping you maintain a healthier household for your family, friends and pets.

Do you have any favorite all natural “clean” cleaning recipes? 

We would love for you to share them with our Aromatherapy Everyday Family along with any stories you may have regarding your favorite product on our

Facebook page.


Until Next Time…






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