Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils (Full Movie)

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Today I am so excited to be sharing with you (for a limited time) the full length movie that has been “viewed over 1 million times around the world,” titled –  SECRETS OF ESSENTIAL OILS.

 It “explores the fascinating history of essential oils from Biblical times into the 21st century” including Ancient History of Essential Oils, Essential Oils Used In The Bible, and Modern Uses Of Essential Oils.

I actually came across it by sheer accident while I was scrolling through YouTube videos, looking for the newest and latest information on aromatherapy, and essential oils.

I loved it and have watched it twice so far. Each time I watch I see or hear something that I missed before.

“The purpose of the film is to educate the general public that essential oils are not “snake oils, and that essential oils have had a significant place in history for centuries and are experiencing a resurgence.”

“The goal of the film is to present a factual representation of essential oils in order to empower it’s viewers to make an informed decision about their potential benefits.”

I hope you enjoy this movie, and if you happen to be a note taker like I am, you might want to have a notebook handy. That’s why I’ve watched it more that once; the second time I took notes.

Let me know what you think of the movie, and what you’re favorite part, or interesting fact was. You can leave your comments in the section below.

Until Next Time…

Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils Trailer 2nd Official Version

Ancient Secrets Of Essential Oils (Full Movie)

**If you don’t hear sound, click the gray sound bars on the lower right of the screen!**



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