Aromatherapy With Essential Oils: More Than Just A Scent

Aromatherapy with Essential Oils are truly more than just a scent. Did you know that you have been experiencing aromatherapy since the day you were born? 

It’s true – even as an infant!

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Most of your first experiences with aromatherapy began with your mother.

Along with the sound of her soothing voice and soft laughter, there was a scent about her that you came to recognize, through her soap, body lotion, or maybe even her perfume.

Of course you were too young to understand what you were experiencing, but you instinctively knew that you felt content.

It was a natural occurring feeling that affected your mood as it evoked a sense of well-being and relaxation.

This is the introduction paragraph from my upcoming eBook ‘Aromatherapy For Everyday Living’, and I thought it would be the perfect way for me to launch my new blog.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am passionate about aromatherapy in all forms, but we’ll get to that in a later post.

Now many of you who know me will find this hard to believe, considering the fact that most scents from perfume, soaps, aftershave, deodorants, cleaning products… well you get the idea, all leave me with a massive migraine that could last for days.

So how could I possibly be so enthusiastically passionate when Aromatherapy is literally all about the scent?

 The answer, which sounds a little mysterious, lies in discovering the differences between the scents

All scents or fragrances are derived from natural plant based materials (Mother Nature), or they are created in a laboratory (Man Made).

One day after inhaling an all natural, 100% pure Eucalyptus essential oil, I came to realize that not only had my sinuses cleared, but most importantly, I did not have a headache from the scent of the eucalyptus.

The next time it was with Lavender, and it had the same effect – NO HEADACHE!

For me this was an eye opening experience and I immediately knew that I had to learn more about these precious oils.

My first discovery was that it was the artificial ingredients in the synthetic products that were causing my headaches, even though the aroma seemed to be exactly as its intended source, like a pine tree or a lavender plant.

My next revelation was learning that essential oils contain a SUPER POWER known as therapeutic value, and that is something that can not be reproduced in a lab no matter how perfect the created aroma may be.

This term simply means these wonderful oils (created by Mother Nature), have the potential to ‘heal’ with their scientifically proven anti-bacterial, and anti-virus benefits; and may even potentially hold the key to unlocking numerous health benefits for both physical and psychological ailments.

Essential oils have also been shown (through science) to help support, enhance, and delight your senses, while providing aid for: stress relief, respiratory health, muscle tension and pain, increase concentration, sleep enhancement, skin care and so much more.

I know, it’s exciting right?

Here at Aromatherapy Everyday we believe that adding essential oils into your everyday life can help provide a safer and healthier alternative with easy to use recipes along with their health, healing, and relaxing benefits for the whole family, including your pets, and home.

Are you a little intrigued about these wonderfully created by nature oils?

Do you think you might be ready to “dip your toes” into the ‘scentual’ world of aromatherapy and discover for yourself how easy it is to incorporate the healing powers of essential oils, herbs, and salts into your life?

It’s easy, and we would love to have you join in and become our newest addition to our Aroma Family.

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“It has been said that our sense of smell is the strongest sense we have when it comes to our memories, and the feelings associated with them, and there is no better proof than aromatherapy in action.” 

Enjoy this video and Watch this infant’s calming reaction to the scent of his mother’s clothing


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