Autumn’s First Essential Oil Of The Month: Eucalyptus

istock photo Eucalyptus leaves

Welcome to our first Essential Oil Of The Month as we begin our Autumn series with the fresh, powerful, and slightly medicinal scent of EUCALYPTUS.

Due to its amazing ability, this well-known oil has become a favorite for helping in supporting a healthy respiratory function, reducing mucus, and clearing congestion.

If you’re not familiar with Eucalyptus essential oil the first thing you need to know is that there are several types, and your choice will depend on what your intended purpose or need will be.

So let me now introduce you to three varieties of the Eucalyptus family, one of the world’s most popular essential oils.

Eucalyptus Globulus: This was the first Eucalyptus oil I was introduced to and it was love at first sniff. 

This classic eucalyptus has a penetrating, fresh, and camphoraceous aroma that actually cleared my sinuses within minutes.

The qualities of this oil are uplifting, great for clearing your mind, aids in concentration, and helps to soothe exhaustion.

Eucalyptus Globulus great therapeutic benefits are a wonderful addition when used with massage to help ease muscular and arthritis pain. 

It has been shown to help purify germs from the air, and may aid in protecting your health during the cold and flu season. 

Eucalyptus Radiata: This oil has a gentler, softer, and more camphorous aroma with just a hint of floral and citrus.

Eucalyptus Radiata has many of the same supportive properties as Eucalyptus Globulus when it comes to maintaining a healthy respiratory system, staying focused, and soothing inflammation. 

You can diffuse it to help purify your air by reducing unwanted microbes, including fungus, viruses, and bacteria.

And last but certainly not least it is a wonderful non toxic oil to incorporate into your household cleaning products. 

Eucalyptus Dives: This type of eucalyptus may not be as familiar to many of you but definitely worth a try.

Eucalyptus Dives has many of the same therapeutic benefits as Eucalyptus Globulus with an added refreshing note of peppermint.

Eucalyptus Dives cooling menthol aroma helps support normal breathing, stop sniffles, clears sinuses, and can also help alleviate sore muscles symptoms. 

This oil has been shown to offer immune support and helps to re-energize your body and uplift your mind especially after periods of lethargy.

Have we peaked your interest in wanting to give the Eucalyptus family a try?

We’re looking forward to your feedback on next week’s recipes beginning with our Eucalyptus Steam Blends, and how to get the most out of your inhaler with our Breathe Easy Recipe and more!

Now as much as we simply love our eucalyptus oils, there are a few safety precautions you will need to consider, so please check out the information below.

Until Next Time…

Eucalyptus Oil Safety
“Due to the strong, potent nature of eucalyptus oils, they should be avoided on or near the faces of children under 10 years old. This includes steam blends.
Care must also be taken with asthmatics. Although research has shown that eucalyptus can help with bronchial asthma, it also has shown that it can potentially trigger an asthma attack. Some eucalyptus oils may also antidote homeopathic remedies.
Aromatherapy Everyday does not recommend ingesting essential oils.
The aldehyde component in eucalyptus citriodora, citronellal, can be a moderate skin allergen if used above 3% dilution. As with most oils, if oxidized, eucalyptus oil can cause skin irritation or sensitization. We recommend doing a patch test to check for skin sensitivities.
It is also worth noting that eucalyptus is considered to be toxic to cats, so use with caution around your feline fur-babies.
When diffusing make sure you pets including dogs, cats, birds etc. are free to leave the area if they want to.
As always, knowing the Safety Data concerns is a very important consideration when using any and all essential oils, and caution should always be used when it comes to any medical conditions, small children, pets, pregnant/nursing, taking certain medications, or elderly.
Click this link for further information on Essential Oil Safety Guidelines.
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