Autumn Resolutions Verses New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!  Yes, I did wish you a Happy New Year… but not for the reason you may think. It turns out that the Fall season may actually be the preferred time to make your Autumn Resolutions and having a better chance of achieving and keeping them long term.

New Years Eve has always been the time when most of us make our resolutions for the upcoming year, but research has shown that less than 20% of people end up keeping them.

The Autumn season is a time of transition

For both nature and us, making it the perfect time for creating our Autumn Resolutions without the pressure of the holidays, and the end of the year blues.

A time when we naturally slow down and focus more on getting together with family and friends, and counting our blessings.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE new beginnings.

I love each and every new day.

And I love the beginning of a new week, and the beginning of a new month.

So the idea of a clean slate starting with an Autumn Resolution makes me giddy with so many possibilities and new opportunities that lie ahead.

I feel inspired with the thought that I have the good fortune to restart NEW each and everyday.

If I happen not to make it through the day accomplishing my intention, then tomorrow is another day to begin again.

Just imagine how wonderfully free and uplifting you could feel by the end of the year.

You could already be accomplishing your Autumn Resolutions and well on your way to enjoying the holidays, without all the pressure and stress that we put on ourselves.

AROMA FAMILY TIP: This is the also the perfect time to get your end of the year and new year Calendar/Planner to help you stay on track.


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